Monday, June 16, 2008

Cause every nice young girl needs an angry young man

Billy Boy On Poison
Why you should ALWAYS catch the opening band.

What can I say? I have discovered some amazing bands because I choose to make time to catch the openers and chat with their merch guys too.

On June 12 I was already stoked to go see the recently reunited Stone Temple Pilots. The opening band on the bill was relatively unknown so I made sure to at least catch a few songs.

Well, the band was called Billy Boy on Poison. After my initial reaction ("Is the lead singer wearing a dress? And did he just flash me?") I decided this band had some talent.

He sorta sounded like Cobain while screaming the lyrics on stage, and that was enough to keep me engaged as it was. But after listening to the studio work, I don't know if I was totally wrong or if the recorded versions are just a little too cleaned up.

But regardless...

I liked what I heard. This band is HOT and they are going to be quite popular in the near future. The lyrics are clever and simple; the front man has a great voice and can scream with the best of them!

Even for all the berating the audience traded with the band, I still thought they interacted well with the crowd. Sorta. The repeated flash of underoos by Davis LeDuke, the lead singer, is what may have brought them this close to inciting violence with these STP fans who were growing increasingly anxious to see their beloved Scott Weiland. The gay bashing catcalls and remarks started to sound ironic, though, given that Wieland has had his gay moments in the past. (i thought it would be easy to find a link on the interweb about his gay escapades...but it seems his lawyers are top this might be bullshit. But i bet it is true...)

I checked Billy Boy’s blog and found a post about the band being very excited to record a song with Robert and Dean of Stone Temple Pilots. That sounds like an exciting collaboration... And is quite possibly evidence that I have called this one expertly and you'll be hearing a lot more from Billy Boy on Poison.

Enjoy "On My Way" from the EP Sweet Mess


Anonymous said...

Yaaa!! Figured it out!! Awesome job! And for the record, Scott is NOT GAY!! I was also at this show and truly enjoyed this band...I don't think they were given a fair shot by the audience!

mookie said...

maybe a little gay? how 'bout bi?